5 Expert tips for the Best Faux Glow

September 18, 2019 (10 months ago)

Whether you’re planning a Spring escape, night on the town, or just want a little extra everyday glow, we’ve asked the Queen of Tanning, Sonya Driver, owner and founder of Eco Tan to dish on her 5 tips for making the most of a faux glow.

1 – If you’re planning a spray tan, get one the day before you depart. Take along a bottle of Invisible Tan or Winter Skin to top up your glow every 2-3 days.

2- For best faux-tanning results, it’s recommended to exfoliate 48 hours prior to getting tanned – Sonya’s tip “Never exfoliate the day you’re planning to tan, as the product won’t stick to the skin as well”

3- How to prolong your tan a few days into your trip – Sonya says “Eco Tan tans naturally fade off without patchiness, however, to prolong your tan, especially when pool-hopping, Sonya can’t recommend Winter Skin gradual tanner enough. Not only is the formulation hydrating, but it also gives a soft natural glow that can be built upon with each application.

4 – Tips for faking a genuine-looking glow ahead of summer? Sonya recommends going for a softer honey glow for Winter/early spring, and a deeper earthy brown tone for summer or when heading to a tropical destination.

5- Keep Hydrated! Sonya recommends keeping skin well moisturised to maintain your tan, especially in drier climates. “This keeps the tan from flaking off the skin, and the skin from dehydrating”