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Albatross Designs is helping create a sustainable future by designing products and systems that solve environmental problems.

A clean shave for you and the ocean.

In launching our shaver shop, we identified a daily habit that represents substantial plastic waste and devised the solution of offering high quality all-metal safety razors.

Making the switch from a plastic cartridge razor to our double-edge safety razor provides fantastic benefit to both the shaver and the environment.

The beauty is that the less expensive option provides a superior shave. Due to design, our razors do not cause the type of skin irritation that many have, sadly, come to accept and expect in shaving with commonplace plastic cartridge-style products.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, shaving with an Albatross razor is the eco-friendly option. You’ll get the barber-quality wet shave you’ve been dreaming of without generating plastic waste that harms the environment and ocean ecology.

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