Fermented Green Sriracha


A delicious fermented green sriracha sauce. Deep and rich in flavour with a spice that subtly lingers. This sriracha is batch-made with a selection of birds-eye and red cayenne chillies precision fermented to perfection. Slightly sour, and reminiscent of a zingy salsa.

  • Vegan friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • Low sugar
  • Fermented


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Filtered water, long green cayenne chilli peppers, apple cider vinegar, green birds eye chilli, garlic, brown sugar, sea salt


Fermented Green Sriracha

This fermented green sriracha is a refined, spicy sauce inspired by the green salsa’s of Mexico.

A delicate blend of specialty grown, green bird’s-eye chillies  and long green chillies to create this spicy, slightly sour sauce.

A little about Agri’s Fermentation process

We add our special blend of chillies, some salt and some water to our 330 litre stainless steel fermenter (aka The Behemoth), and seal it up.

At around the four day mark, the good bacteria start to work their magic on the chilli mix, and carbon dioxide is released from the fermenter.

Throughout the process, we stir (lovingly). This helps to keep things going.

After seven days, exciting things have happened. The good bacteria has mellowed the more acidic flavours and transformed the chilli burn into flavour – deep, rich, spicy and sensational.

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Fermented Green Sriracha