Nitro Cold Brew -Mocha (12 pack)

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Never Run Out again, save when you buy 12 cans!

Nitrogen-Infused Cold Brew Coffee with Oat M*lk, Cocoa & Sweetener

Cascading coffee, oat m*lk and cocoa

Dairy free

No added sugar – sugars found naturally in oats

Suitable for vegans

We source the best in-season coffee. We roast, grind and brew at our micro-brewery in East London for over 18 hours before blending with oat m*lk and cocoa. And the result? A delicious, dairy-free iced mocha.

This can releases nitrogen, flooding your cold brew coffee with tiny bubbles, creating a draught-style cold brew that is full-bodied with a creamy mouth feel.

12 x200 ml

In stock

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Chill First, Open can. Nitrogen will be released with a loud crack. Pour cold brew coffee quickly from a height into a glass or drink directly from the can.

Not suitable  for Children

See Individual cans for full details

Some FAQ’s answered by the guys at Minor Figures

What is Cold Brew?

Cold Brew is an extraction method using cold water. The low temperature slows the process right down meaning the flavours are much more gentle and clean. You can cold brew lots of things other than coffee…

Why is the Black not certified organic?

We buy the seasons best coffee from local importers or direct from farms, and microlots. Often this direct path cuts out certification bodies and any middlemen and is a good method to provide highest price direct to farmers themselves. As the Black is our most delicate coffee and we buy only single origin – we require the flexibility to choose the best quality coffee for the drink without limits.

Is Cold Brew better for you?

Not as good as an apple…. But pretty good. It is naturally lower acid. Requires no sugar at all. Is an all natural energy boost.

Did you add any naughty things to obtain this longer shelf life?

Unlike some other brands there is no carrageenan in Minor Figures. To make the drink last without using preservatives, the team developed a bespoke brew system. Reverse osmosis (RO) filtered water gets a really clean product. A tiny bit of nitrogen is pumped into the tetra-pack just before it’s sealed with foil. That keeps it super fresh with or without a fridge.


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Nitro Cold Brew -Mocha (12 pack)