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Vitus® Vegan Wholefood Nutrition

Vitus® Vegan Wholefood Nutrition

Vitus® Vegan Wholefood Nutrition provides premium nutrition using carefully selected ingredients, all grown organically using ethical and sustainable methods. Whether it be from desert, ocean or plants, every ingredient used is of the highest quality possible, without compromise. 

For example, Vitus® Magnesium is sourced from the pristine ocean waters of Ireland, and their Vitamin C comes from three of the world's richest sources: Acerola Berry, Camu Camu and Kakadu Plum. You won’t find artificial flavour, colour, sweetener, scents, or GMO ingredients in Vitus® products, and they are free of synthetic version vitamins. 

Vitus® offers a range of vegan supplements including Multi, Protein, B12 and Omega (perfect for the vegan diet or anyone who is searching for an alternative solution to fish oil). You’ll also love their Spirulina, grown in the desert in the USA using purified alkaline mountain water. You can give yourself daily nutritional support with their Clean Greens, a chlorophyll-rich powder made from 100% organically grown Australian green vegetables including broccoli, seaweed and grasses. 

This brand lives and breathes its ethos, with all packaging being recyclable from the glass bottles to the home-compostable pouches, and both ingredients and manufacturing are of course free from animal products (including gelatin, which is used to make capsules by many supplement companies). Vitus® product categories cover Immunity, Nervous System, Sleep, Gut Health, Skin and much more - shop their range for honest, high quality vegan nutrition. Shop the range now

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