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Women in Bussiness "Your Say" with Ricki Harrison - Nutra Organics

Women in Bussiness "Your Say" with Ricki Harrison - Nutra Organics

Name: Ricki Harrison

Age: 35

Occupation: Business Development Manager

I’d name my autobiography: Life, love and other mysteries…

To me success means: To blaze a trail for myself. To stand on my own two feet knowing that effort, talent, the support of a team you trust and sometimes a little luck is all you need. A full belly and a vino helps too.

My most treasured possession: My wedding ring. I was married at 19, so at the time we a had 0 dollars! It is worth about $500, but it is the most precious thing to me as it is a symbol of the commitment that we made. Still one of my best decisions.

The gender stereotype I can’t stand: That women are weaker than men (generally). I have always lifted heavy and can pull my weight in any situation (especially in the warehouse).

Best advice I’ve been given was: The love is a choice, and not a feeling. Sometimes you won’t feel in love, but that is the time to honour your decision to love. Life will reward your steadfastness.

Biggest ‘pinch me’ moment: Shipping our first massive international shipment. Multiple pallets. I cried.

I made my first dollar:  Lemonade stand. I’m sure it was just with my parent’s friends and I couldn’t have been older than 5.

Biggest frustration for women in the business world: Being seen as a serious business person through hips and boobs. Yes, I have those things and yes, they are amazing, but I have other, much more serious business skills too. 

In five years’ time, I see myself: Working a bit less, playing a bit more and spending some good quality time overseas, with my family, as part of my business role. Taking a few more holidays and reducing the franticness that a fast-growing business incites.
Life motto:  I’ve got this
Favourite book: Currently (I have so many favourites) Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business by John Mackey & Raj Sisodia.
Signature scent: Si by Giorgio Armani
Movie with the best ending: For me, any movie that resolves. It has to have a happy ending. First thought – Love Actually, painful but beautiful depiction of life and love and all that comes along with it. A bit corny I know!

The women who inspire me: Modern day inspiration - Lisa Messanger (The Collective Magazine, CEO, game changer), Old World inspiration - Amelia Earhart (First female to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, record breaker, best selling author). Both women blazing a trail for women everywhere and breaking down stereotypes with what is possible, which is ANYTHING!

I believe we can make a change to gender diveristy: By paying both genders the same. This is how it should be, regardless of gender. Positions based on results and not vagina’s.

The biggest change I would like to see in the world in 2018: World peace, kidding, though that would be great. I would like to see less violence and a little more understanding for each other. We are not long suffering as people, everything these days is instant, but we need patience if we are to get along well. General I know, but that’s it.

I believe pay equity is important: Abso-jolly-lutely. It is the quality and quantity of the work that is important for remuneration. Anything else is an insult.

Originally Published in the March /April 2018  Issue of M2woman Magazine Find it HERE

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