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A very big New Years resolution & promise to the planet, from our friends at Nutra Organics

A very big New Years resolution & promise to the planet, from our friends at Nutra Organics

This is a wonderful statement from one of our favorite brands Nutra Organics, we are so proud to be working with such an environmentally conscious company and thrilled to help them spread their message to you all in New Zealand. 

The below is directly from a statement they release this week... 


To our beautiful customers, friends, supporters and advocates,

We are beyond excited to reveal some huge changes that are coming this year, but first we want to sincerely thank you for your continued love and support for our brand.

Nutra Organics is a brand for you, your family, and most importantly your wellbeing. You are our focus and the reason for our existence, and not a message, comment, idea or suggestion goes unnoticed. We listen to you, we learn, we appreciate your feedback, and most importantly, we grow from it.

We LOVE that our community is so passionate not only about health and wellbeing, but about the health of this beautiful planet we get to live on. Your passion has inspired us to take the time to educate ourselves on ways that we can join you, make better eco-friendly choices, and ultimately help to make the world a better place.

We have heard your passion for the environment, and your wishes for more eco-friendly packaging. We have listened. And we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes for some big changes.

We are so excited to announce that our New Year Resolution to you is to move away from plastics, transition our entire range into sustainable packaging, and become more environmentally conscious & sustainable overall as a company!

Here are our 5 sustainability resolutions that we are committing to this year:


1. Switching to Environmentally Sustainable & Home Compostable Packaging

We have always considered the environment with our packaging, and have tried our best. All of our plastic tubs are 100% recyclable, and made from recycled materials themselves.

However, we know there is a better option, and we are fully committed to reducing plastic in every way possible.

It will be a huge process, and may take some time. It is by no means easy to do, and we are still unsure how long it will take, especially because the technology to manufacture home compostable packaging is still very new. It requires sourcing and testing new compostable packaging options for all 150+ of our products, redesigning all of our labels, and finding local manufacturing solutions that support compostable packaging.

We want to be as transparent as possible with you about this process and how long it will take. Our goal is to have our entire range move into either glass, reusable or home compostable packaging by the end of this year! While we can’t promise an exact timeline yet, we will absolutely be trying our hardest to make it happen and will keep you updated along the way.

We are so excited to announce that we will be launching our first (brand new) products in home compostable packaging in March! No clues allowed as to what the product is yet, but we know your garden worms will be loving the packaging, and you’ll be loving what’s inside even more.


2. Removing Unnecessary Plastics

We have included things like plastic measurement scoops in our Collagens and Gelatin products for your convenience of easily measuring the recommended dosage of the powders.

We will be removing all plastic scoops, and looking for an alternative. We have already removed the scoop from our Natural Gelatin, and will remove the scoop out of Collagen Beauty & Body once we have sold out of our current labels which advertise the scoop.

If you currently have a Collagen Beauty, Collagen Body or Gelatin with a scoop, we encourage you to save your scoop and reuse it.


3. Sustainable Ingredients

We have always taken sustainability into account when we source ingredients, and source them as locally as possible, and certified organic wherever possible.

We never use artificial ingredients, synthetics, fillers, flavours, preservatives, or GMO ingredients. You can pronounce every ingredient in our products, and you’ll never spot any mysterious numbers in our ingredients list or ‘natural flavours’.

Our products are made from real wholefoods, respectfully sourced from the earth and not a lab.

This has always been our unwavering commitment, because your health and wellbeing is our ultimate mission, and this will never change.

So while there is nothing new here, we have added this to our resolution because we want to make it clear that we will never use an ingredient that we believe is not sustainable for the environment, even if it may be healthy.


4. Sustainable Operations

We have recently bought new land to build a new factory, because our business is growing so much and we have well and truly outgrown our humble space in Currumbin, Gold Coast.

We are excited to announce that our new factory will be fully solar powered!

All of our manufacturing will still be done locally, within a 100km radius of our business, and we work with companies committed to reducing their impact on the environment and supporting the community.

We proudly partner with Synergy Group and Endeavour Foundation, who are equal opportunity employers, and provide employment for so many local Gold Coast community members with a disability.

Our local box supplier, who supplies all our boxes for our bars, sachet packs, and our shipping boxes, operates under the ‘Environmental Code of Practice for Packaging’, a code which ensures minimising environmental impact, using resources (including materials and energy) more efficiently, reducing the amount of waste and litter generated by packaging through facilitating reuse or recycling, minimising negative impacts of packaging and packaged products on humans and the natural environment, and ensure effective and clearly documented practices are in place to address environmental concerns in the product development and review process for packaging.


5. Environmental Support & Sustainability Education

We are committed to providing financial support to a charity that supports the environment and educates the wider community. Plus, we want to do the same, and will be providing holistic support for our community on the environment, sustainability, and ways that we can help the planet.

We’ll be making more exciting announcements on this commitment soon!

So to wrap this up, we just want to emphasize once again that our heartbeat isn’t just to help you and your families health and wellbeing. We are fully committed to helping the environment too, in every way possible that we can think of.

2019 will be a huge year for us, and we want to thank you again for being a part of our journey. We would love to invite you to join us in our New Year Resolution and think about healthy changes that we can all make for our planet together.

Image via @harrisoncandlin

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