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  • Berry Immune Cookies

    Berry Immune Cookies

    Perfect little snacks for lunchboxes or after school that are nutrient dense with added vitamin C, zinc + iron (thanks Thriving Protein and Berry Immune). Yummy little cookies that support immunity, help to boost energy, taste deeeeeeelicious and best of...

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  • Veggie Hero Rice Cakes

    Veggie Hero Rice Cakes

    Here's a sneakily sneaky way to get a snack-sized hit of 15 veggies, fruits + supergreens (along with zinc and B vitamins) into little tummies... and big ones too!

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  • Fiery Mayo by Fire Tonic

    Fiery Mayo by Fire Tonic

    This homemade mayo is delicious in coleslaw, potato salads, on sandwiches or as a side with seafood + other dishes. Be sure to use a very light-flavoured oil like avocado or inca inchi (a really light, fruity-type olive oil is fine too).
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  • Nutra Organics' Rainbow Salad

    Nutra Organics' Rainbow Salad

    Fresh salad bowl goodness from Nutra Organics! Plants get their colour from phytonutrients, which means that eating a range of colours gives you a variety of different nutrients

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  • Keto Collagen Coffee

    Keto Collagen Coffee

    Never again do you have to choose between a morning protein smoothie or your magic bean juice (aka coffee)! Nutra Organics has created a well rounded version of this supercharged drink with a highly bioavailable source of protein and a variety of healthy fats to get in a bit more goodness.

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  • Clean Protein Nice Cream Sandwiches

    Clean Protein Nice Cream Sandwiches

    You can't beat creamy vanilla nice cream sandwiched between two soft and gooey choc chip cookies on a summer afternoon! Nutra Organics' Clean Protein Nice Cream Sandwiches are free from the refined sugars of your standard freezer treat, while bringing a dose of protein to help you meet your fitness goals.


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