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Body Love NZ tips for a happier healthier life

Body Love NZ tips for a happier healthier life

We originally met Courtney Durr  &  Abbey Palmer (the two halves that make up Body Love NZ) at the Go Green in Wellington 2016.

It was hectic that day and in all honesty, we only chatted for a few minutes but there was something about their infectious enthusiasm and transparent dedication that caught our attention. 
I'll let them explain more about what they do themselves... 
Tell us a bit about what you do and how you started-

Body Love NZ is essentially a Womens Wellness Hub run by the two of us, I’m Abbey (hi guys!) I am a Registered Nurse, I’m studying Human Nutrition, and having been through depression and actively managing anxiety I am a mental health advocate. Courts is our visionary, our dreamer and go-getter behind Body Love NZ, she’s a Personal Trainer and an Inspirational Speaker. We started Body Love NZ to change the way women think and feel about themselves, we spread messages of self-love that encompass health and wellness on both a physical and mental level.

What’s the best part about what you do and what’s the most challenging?

We get asked this so often, and it never gets easier to narrow down! We love seeing ladies shine, watching someone grow into themselves is probably one of the most rewarding things you can be privy to. Also the connections that not only our ladies, but we make throughout the community is so cool, I think we are up to six best friend matches, Courts and I being one of them! Hehe

Who are your biggest female influences?

Ohhhh gosh, do we have to only pick three? Ok let me ask Court to pick one, then I’ll pick one, then I will tell you who our equal top of the list pick will be…

Court: She found this so hard to pick, listing a few female cross fitters, Turia Pitt, Lisa Nichols, and also her mum too hehe. But we picked Oprah as she was one of Courts first self development reads with ‘What I know for sure’, which is a really easy and addictive read about life as a female trying to find her place in the world. “It’s always a go-to recommendation for me”.

Abbey: I do genuinely want to say my Mum, as I can only thank (blame?) her for the person I am haha. But if it were someone external that you guys could get some inspo off, then probably Makaia Carr. Mak use to own Motivate Me, which is a little similar to what we do, she has since passed it on but continues to dominate in the female biz industry. Mak is our business mentor and gives to us unconditionally, she is kind, compassionate, encouraging, and always there for others, when I grow up I want to be just like Mak haha (I’m 26!).

Combined ultimate: Revie Jane Schulz - Founder and owner of Crossfit Babes Gold Coast, super Mum to the coolest one year old around, and continues to build up others around her despite her ever-growing to-do list. Rev is a massive self-love advocate and uses her awesome and supportive health and fitness platform to do this. If you don’t already follow her, this might be a game changer!


Top 3 favourite products from Natural Things why?

Pana Chocolate - because its delicious! and its vegan and natural and organic - which means its cruelty free and sustainable! Also, is anyone else obsessed with the packaging and the little messages on the pieces? I really want some now :(

Eco Tan - because who doesn’t like having a tan? My mum first bought this stuff for me when I was about 16 and always wanted a fake tan before my dance shows (I know, I was 16 guys, give me a break), mum wouldn’t let me use the other stuff on the market incase it tainted my perfect body. Then I got a tattoo. Anyway, this stuff has been with me ever since, it smells better then most tanning products and its better for our skin and the environment. Court and I use it before any of our events or photoshoots, but she always goes browner than me, lucky bean.

Thirdly, we would pick the Fressko bottles, not because we know and love them, as they are probably the only product we don’t have, but because they look so great!! How aesthetically pleasing are those frosted matte colours. We are big tea/ coffee drinkers too, so we might need to make a couple of “business” purchases!

Favourite foodie blog/ Instagram or website

Ben Warren’s Be Pure website and Blog. It is full of all the health knowledge and recipes.

3 tips for living a happier healthier life!

Practice Gratitude - A grateful heart and mind is a manifestor of great things. Being grateful for all of the seemingly silly occurrences in our life trains our needs met with abundance (more than enough).

Examples of daily gratitudes: Having a nourishing lunch, having a job to go to, making it home safely, yours and your loved ones health, finding $5 in your jeans, learning something new, achieving something small like “I am grateful that I went the gym tonight even though I was tired”.

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, even int he crappiest of situations. Tip: Start by picking one thing every night when you go to bed, increase this to three when you are ready.

Move and nourish your body - Movement: releases endorphins that make us feel good, its a place to connect with new people, and it is a space where you can express yourself. Tip: If you don’t like your current exercise regime, try something new, anything! Just give it a go

Nutrition: When done right will stabilise your blood sugars, in turn regulating your hormones, stress levels, and energy levels. Tip: Take a high quality multi vitamin (regardless of your current nutrition state), eat more leafy greens, and you know it… drink more water.Schedule time for yourself - Literally put it in your diary/ calendar “me time”, do whatever you feel like in this space: Nap, walk, read, get a pedicure, do yoga, drink tea, catch up with a friend you know you can be yourself around. Just make it all about you and your needs. Tip: Do this AT LEAST once per week, if possible, every day, even if it is only 10-15 minutes.Thanks for reading guys!Come and check us out, maybe join our community (from wherever you might be!)All our love, Abs and Court Body Love NZ


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