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Pana Chocolate How is it made?

Pana Chocolate How is it made?

The process behind creating the best organic handmade chocolate available

Pana Chocolate was developed with the intention of creating the most natural, organic chocolate possible. Doing so we maintain the best taste and experience, as well as naturally occurring nutritional benefits!

How do you make raw chocolate?

Once the cacao pod is picked, it is harvested, air dried and cold pressed – resulting in the two core components of Pana Chocolate; cacao butter and cacao powder.

The cacao pod is processed at lower than normal temperatures never going above  42 degrees. (The technical temperature for 'raw food')  this maintains the naturally occurring benefits from the cacao bean; the most antioxidant rich food source known.

These core components are mixed by hand with coconut oil and other delicious organic ingredients such as sour cherries and goji berries and slowly melted, still never going above 42 degrees.

From here the chocolatiers divide it into moulds where it is set in the refrigerator. The team then knock out the moulds, wrap in foil and package up each individual bar before they make their way across the globe to over 4,000 different stockists.

Kind to the planet 

Pana Chocolate is passionate about people and Mother Earth. It does not only want to make delicious chocolate, we also want to make the world a little nicer.

That’s why all Pana Chocolate ingredients are 100% certified organic. Farmers are paid a fair price for their products. The eco-friendly packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, with bio-degradable foil wrapping, vegetable based inks and an edible plant seal gum.

Quick Fire FAQ'S
Does Pana Chocolate contain gluten?

No. All of our products are completely gluten free.

Are all Pana Chocolate products vegan friendly?

Yes. All our chocolate and desserts are free from all animal products and animal bi-products.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

All of our ingredients are certified organic and fairtrade, where possible.

We source our ingredients from their countries of origin:
- Cacao from Bolivia and the Dominican Republic
- Cold-pressed cacao butter from Peru
- Cold pressed coconut oil from the Philippines
- Raw dark agave nectar from Mexico
- Carob from Spain
- Cinnamon from Sri Lanka

Is Pana Chocolate packaging made from recycled materials?

Pana Chocolate loves the earth, as much as it loves your insides. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, our inks are 100% vegetable based and our seal is an edible plant gum.

Which sweeteners do you use?

Our products are free from refined sugar, instead, we use natural sweeteners. Our preferred natural sweeteners are agave and coconut nectar as we find when combined with other natural ingredients create the most delicious taste and velvety texture.

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