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7 Essentials for a natural, minimalist First Aid Kit

7 Essentials for a natural, minimalist First Aid Kit

A natural, minimalist First Aid kit that won't cost the earth.

The savvy folks from Patch Strips strip back it back to these seven (7) non-toxic, low waste essentials for your home First Aid kit.

Use this list as a guide to making your own all-natural eco-friendly first aid kit.


1. It’s out with the old and in with the BAMBOO. Natural adhesive wound care is an all-round must for the all-natural first aid kit.  PATCH strips are made from 100% organic bamboo fibre, latex, paraben and sulphate free. Perfect for the hypoallergenic skin types, conscious shopper, and sports enthusiasts. Infused with all-natural extracts in the gauze, that work at assisting the healing process of your wounds ie. activated charcoal, aloe vera, coconut oil and bamboo fibre. A perfect wound coverage for all grazes, cuts, scars, and infections.

2. Compression BANDAGES & SWABS. Always look for organic cotton (free from pesticides, and herbicides), and organic bamboo fibre. They are the most ethical, environmentally sustainable options.

3. Cannot go wrong with a bit of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. It works wonders for stomach upset, pain, or reducing sinus infections and head colds. One shot of this magical concoction and you’ll instantly feel better.  If the taste is too strong to shot, you can dilute it in water, or turn it into a beautiful salad dressing.

4.  EPSOM SALT is the all-around alleviate of constipation, muscle soreness, and sore throats. It makes an excellent daily gargle in the wintertime to clear your throat and reduce inflammation. Bathing in Epsom salt is perfect for relieving stiffness and tight joints too.

5. COCONUT OIL the ‘modern-day miracle cure’. This is a must-have in every first aid kit. It’s naturally antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agents are fantastic for fighting infection, rehydrating or healing wounds or scars.

6. MANUKA HONEY- the perfect remedy for sore throats and oncoming colds. One spoonful of this, or a drop in hot water and honey. It's very useful for acid reflux, reducing stomach acid, acne, eczema, treating burns wounds, and varying allergies. It is the ‘all-rounder’ product in the kit.

7. Last but not least CITRONELLA- BASED INSECT REPELLANT is a no-brainer for fighting off the little suckers.

Creating an all-natural first aid kit doesn’t have to be difficult. We'd love to know if these are already in your kit, or if you have any additions to add in the comments ♥

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