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Banana Muffin Recipe by The Health Spot

Banana Muffin Recipe by The Health Spot

These are the perfect healthy snack for those days when you just NEED a little sweetness!

Gluten/Sugar/Dairy Free Protein Banana Muffins

-2 cups of almond flour
-1 ½ teaspoon baking soda
-½ of sea salt
-4 tablespoons of olive oil
-4 eggs
-4 ripe bananas ( the riper the bananas, the sweeter your banana bread will be)
-1 cup of chopped walnuts
-2 Tablespoon Cassava syrup or your choice of honey/ maple syrup/ agave syrup
-1 scoop of Nutra Organics Thriving protein in vanilla flavour
-1 Tablespoon cacao powder (optional)


1. Preheat your oven to 350 F /175 C
2. Mix all dry ingredients together with a spoon
3. Mix all wet ingredients with a fork until nice and smooth.
4. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients
5. Mix the dry and wet ingredients well until smooth.
6. Add chopped walnuts and mix well.
7. Pour the mixture into a bread baking pan lined with a parchment paper brushed with olive oil or into muffin cups with 1 tablespoon of mixture.
8. Bake for 50 minutes if in bread pan or 20mins in muffin cups until the top is browned.


Check out Mel and Livi from The Health Spot.


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