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Thai Green Curry by @nourishedbykylie

Thai Green Curry by @nourishedbykylie

A seriously quick and easy meal! This recipe was created by NT ambassador Kylie Stowe, and it's packed with her trademark equal parts of goodness and flavour.


640 grams of boneless/skinless diced chicken thigh
4 large zucchini
2 cups sliced mushroom
4 cups cauliflower rice
2 tbsp Green Curry paste
1 cup of coconut cream/milk
Sauté garlic in a pan, add chicken thigh and brown, add in mushrooms and curry paste and sauté until fragrant.
Add in chicken bone broth and simmer until reduced by half, then add in the coconut milk or cream (if you want the sauce extra creamy, refrigerate your coconut cream and spoon in the part that hardens at the top).
Add in julienned zucchini (use a julienne peeler). Allow to simmer. Heat cauliflower rice in a separate pan.
Serve and enjoy! 
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