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Tropical Gummies by Nutra Organics

Tropical Gummies by Nutra Organics

Just three ingredients for these quick + easy gummies... as busy parents that's our kind of recipe! Packed full of vitamin C, B vitamins, zinc + folate, not to mention the 15 veggies, fruits and supergreens that are hidden inside Veggie Hero... and little ones love them! 


½ cup orange mango juice

¼ cup Natural Gelatin

1 tbsp Veggie Hero


- Bloom your gelatin by adding ¼ cup gelatin to ½ cup of water.

- Warm juice in a saucepan, once hot remove from heat and stir through bloomed gelatin, Veggie Hero and orange mango juice

- Pour into the prepared tray or jelly moulds and refrigerate until set (approximately 2 hours).

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