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Compostable Resealable Sandwich Bags

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New biodegradable resealable bags, perfect for sandwiches and lunch box snacks! They can be wiped out + reused, and once you're finished with them they can go into the compost bin (taking around 90-180 days to break down, depending on the composting environment, and the thicker zip will take slightly longer). 

  • suitable for home and commercial composting
  • food + freezer safe 

Box of 15 resealable bags

Bag Size: 180mm(w) x 190mm(h)

*Please note: This new material is slightly different to the traditional plastic you may have used to carry your sandwiches in the past. It is designed to break down! To avoid disappointment, please avoid excessive moisture, avoid sharp objects, and store them in a cool dry place (avoid temperatures over 19 degrees celsius). Wash and wipe dry without full submersion, and do not leave them to drip dry. Check the date of manufacture printed on the label and use within 12 months from this date