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Red clover, chaste tree and raspberry leaf are used in this blend to support hormonal balance, reproductive health and regulate the menstrual cycle. A delicate tea with a sweet, earthy flavour, made with carefully selected herbs to help support natural conception and increase fertility potential. Free of caffeine.

  • premium organic + fair trade
  • 100% home-compostable packaging

Box of 20 pyramid bags

Note: Love Tea does not recommend using this blend in conjunction with IVF treatment, as the effects on the hormonal system may interfere with treatment, at a time when hormones must be strictly controlled and monitored. This blend is also not recommended for women with elevated prolactin levels, or hypertension. If you become pregnant, Love Tea recommends you discontinue drinking this tea.

How To Use

Place 1 pyramid into a cup (250ml) and add boiling, filtered water at 75ºc–85ºc. Allow to infuse for 3–5 minutes, and then remove the bag and serve.

These pyramid tea bags are made with the highest quality ingredients. 1 tea-bag can brew up to 3 cups of tea.


Chaste tree berry, peppermint, licorice root, shativari, raspberry leaf, red clover, nettle leaf