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Vegan B12 Powder

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Contains a quinoa sprout powder rich in B vitamins, including B12 ( which contributes to energy metabolism and the reduction of tiredness + fatigue). An excellent source of vitamin D is provided with the addition of organic mushroom powder, while organic hemp and flax powders contribute protein + fibre. Easy to mix into smoothies or fresh juices, or simply sprinkle on your favourite food.

  • ethical + sustainable plant-based ingredients
  • 100% recyclable bottle + lid


How To Use

Take 3g (1 teaspoon) stirred into a smoothie or fresh juice or add to food.


Hemp Protein Powder, Flaxseed Flour*, Quinoa Sprout Powder*, High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder (Agaricus Bisporus)*, Rice Fibre*.
*Organic sources

Product Origin

Australia: Organic Hemp Protein & Organic Flaxseed Flour
United States: High Vitamin B Quinoa Sprout Powder & High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder

Packaging Information

This product comes in a 100% recyclable glass bottle & lid