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White Rose & Goji Pyramid Bags

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A light, refreshing tea brought to life with hibiscus flowers, rose petals and rosehip. This is a botanical blend of white tea, delicate flowers and naturally sweet goji berries. White tea is the new young leaves from the camellia sinensis plant (renowned for its high antioxidant content, and has less caffeine than green tea). 

  • premium organic + fair trade
  • 100% home-compostable packaging

20 pyramid bags

How To Use

Place 1 pyramid into a cup (250ml) and add boiling, filtered water at 75ºc–85ºc. Allow to infuse for 3–5 minutes, and then remove the bag and serve.

These pyramid tea bags are made with the highest quality ingredients. 1 tea-bag can brew up to 3 cups of tea.


White tea, rose, rose hips, goji berries, hibiscus