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15 Tips to help Get You Started With Your Zero Waste Kitchen

15 Tips to help Get You Started With Your Zero Waste Kitchen

As William Morris famously said - "

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

The kitchen seems an obvious place to start when it comes to working towards a Zero Waste Lifestyle this is a great excuse to get rid of ugly kitchen gadgets and switch to beautiful more natural materials. With so many chemicals, dyes and plastics it's scary to think what the consequences will be if we don't start making changes here!

Here are some tips to get you started...

Zero Waste Kitchen Tips:

  • One of the easiest changes: Replace paper towels with hand towels. For drying your hands or wiping down the counter, switch to reusable hand towels.
  • Stock up on glass containers and use these to replace plastic. Keep jars from sauces etc, these make great containers to take your work lunches in
  • Replace plastic wrap or aluminum foil with Bee’s Wrap or Silicone Lids. You can learn more about using silicone in the kitchen with Wellness Mama’s “Is Silicone Safe For Baking Or Cooking?”. She recommends not using silicone at high temperatures as there isn't enough research to prove that its safe



  • Replace plastic or paper bags while shopping with your own reusable bags. Try Our Organic string bags  Tip: keep your bags in your car, so if you decide to go shopping or need to stop by somewhere, you have them handy.
  • Replace your disposable coffee with a glass flask! Try these Fressko flasks that can be used for hot and cold R This is a great tip if you like buying smoothies, tea or coffee drinks. Bring your own cup, mug or thermos and don’t buy the disposable cup that you later have to throw away.
  • Replace metal and plastic scrubbing brushes with biodegradable bamboo Try out YesEco Kitchen essentials kit to start you off right



  • Replace sandwich bags with reusable snack bags. Find some great ones online or reuse plastic bags you already have lying around and make your own.
  • Replace plastic straws with reusable straws. Stainless steel and glass options are available
  • Replace whatever you’re using to make coffee with a french press. Your coffee will taste better and you won’t have waste from filters or single serving cups.
  • Replace tea bags with loose leaf tea. Our beautiful Love Tea Range has 100% biodegradable packaging and uses only the most premium hand-picked ingredients



  • Replace disposable products with reusable products. No more paper plates, napkins, cups or plastic cutlery, use what you have in your kitchen.
  • Replace trash bags with… nothing! Compost your wet kitchen waste and recycle everything else. If you do still have trash and you’re composting, it shouldn’t be wet so you won’t need a bag. Check out this post for more great tips.
  • Replace cleaning wipes with rags. Old rags, used towels or worn out T-shirts are great for cleaning. You can even make your own reusable wipes if you can’t give up
    the convenience of a wipe.


  • Replace plastic packaging with your own reusable containers.  Use produce bags when buying fruits and veggies or mason jars when buying nuts, grains or other bulk foods. You can even get your own glass spice containers and buy bulk spices.
  • Go Back to good old fashioned Bar soap instead of pump liquid! These leave nothing behind and do really work to clean off the grease! Try our gorgeous Lumberjack Bar with essental oils and pumice to really get your scrub on!

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