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5 Tips for going Plant-based

5 Tips for going Plant-based

5 tips for going plant-based

Are you curious about going plant-based?

Maybe your interested in improved energy? Reducing your environmental footprint? Maybe you simply want to know what the hypes all about.

With so many “plant-based” foods emerging into the market, it can feel overwhelming.

These are our 5 tips for turning plant-based.

  1. Eat more plants – While this seems obvious, creating meals that focus on whole-food vegetables, plants, nuts (if tolerated) seeds and legumes creates a healthful diet, and is alot more affordable that the processed plant-based fake meats, cheeses etc.
  2. Start with swapping 1 meal a week to being vegetarian or vegan. Little steps lead to big changes.
  3. Choose your favourite dish and try making it plant-based – hello veggie burgers!
  4. Join the online community of amazing plant-based recipe creators. They share amazing recipes and offer loads of great tips.  Our local NZ faves include Sarah Tanner, Natalie Richards, owner of Prep plant-based meals (also a pre-made plant-based delivery company) and Christina Leon @revealyourselfnz and our go-to’s from Aussie Nutra Organics
  5. Choose the vegetarian or vegan option when dining out – BONUS TIP – try swapping dairy milk for a plant-based milk in your coffee.
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