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Your one-step Inner Beauty routine

Your one-step Inner Beauty routine

When the quest for abundant inner beauty meets a busy schedule, something has to give.

Thankfully, getting that morning dose of collagen doesn't have to be compromised with the one-step flavoured Collagen Beauty™ by Nutra Organics.

Three fresh and bright flavoured versions of the ever-popular original. Bursting with bioactive collagen peptides, vitamin C and zinc, simply stir through a glass of water and enjoy.

Clinically proven to support a healthy gut, radiant skin, and long, strong hair and nails.

The three fruity infusions on offer is Waterberry (think strawberry, and watermelon with a touch of lime), Wildflower ( pear, berries and the colour of violets) and Lemon Lime (like a good ol' fashioned lemonade) all made with real refractance-dried fruits that give the vibrant colour and flavours.

A delicious and convenient way to get in that daily collagen and support that inner beauty.

Try Collagen Beauty Flavours, WaterberryLemon Lime or Wildflower here. Or shop the original here.

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