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6 Reasons to switch to certified organic

6 Reasons to switch to certified organic

Love Tea products have been certified organic for the last 5 years, so we thought we’d share our top reasons for choosing organic products, and why Love Tea will continue to produce tea that is Certified Organic.

1. It’s real food that’s good for your health
We have always believed in creating tea blends that focus on improving one's health and encouraging wellness from the inside out. Choosing certified organic produce guarantees that the product has been grown, handled and packaged without chemicals or food additives. In addition to this, due to the way it is grown, certified organic food has a higher nutritional density, which means it carries a higher amount of antioxidants, nutrients and minerals.

2. No chemicals are used
ACO products are guaranteed to be free from pesticides, insecticides and synthetic compounds.

3. Grown without GMO
GMO products and GE processes are prohibited in all aspects of certified organic production systems and products.

4. Best for animal welfare
In order to be certified organic, livestock must be free range which means no caged chickens and sow stalls, and cattle must be raised without synthetic growth hormones, limited vaccine and antibiotic use, as well as stress-free weaning and access to unfiltered sunlight at all times. Live export is also prohibited under organically certified operations.

5. It is the best for the environmentally conscious 
Chemical runoff and residues in waterways from farming areas is the main cause of diminishing marine life, animals and plants. Organic farming practices focus on biodiversity production and land regeneration, which helps to restore soils, and it encourages farmers to consider any potential impact on native flora or fauna on their land. Australian Agriculture currently contributes to greenhouse gases through the methane and nitrous oxide emissions of fertilisers and crop residues, however, ACO standards prohibit the use of nitrogen based fertilisers.

6. It tastes better
In our opinion, organically grown food (tea included) directly translates to better tasting produce due to its higher mineral and antioxidant contents.

By choosing to purchase Certified Organic products, you are not only ensuring that the food you’re eating is as fresh and chemical-free as possible, but that the product  hasn’t cost the earth in the process. If you are interested in further reading, we’d encourage you to head over to the Australian Organic website here and here, or to read this informative article by Food Wise.

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Image by Sarah Henderson

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