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A Naturopath's top tips to a healthier and happier you in 2019

A Naturopath's top tips to a healthier and happier you in 2019

New Year's resolutions are often associated with health and wellness goals, but staying on track to achieve them can often be the toughest part. So we’ve enlisted the help of Love Tea Founder and Naturopath Emma, and have asked her what the 3 most common health and wellness resolutions are, and her top tips for staying on track to a healthier and happier you in 2019.

1. Losing weight
This is always a popular resolution and it is possible for anyone to achieve, with a little planning, education and commitment. To begin your day, gently wake your digestive system with a green vegetable juice.

Follow that with a wholesome breakfast like eggs, whole grains, soaked muesli or fresh fruit and yoghurt. Starting your day this way will give your body an abundance of nutrients, help stabilise blood sugar levels and kick start your metabolism for the day.

Cravings are often the body’s way of letting us know it needs certain minerals or nutrients. For example, a craving for sugar is often an indication that you are not getting enough magnesium, which can be found in a range of wholefoods, but particularly in green, leafy veggies. Just like the ones you would have received from your fresh morning juice!

By ensuring you actually feed your body, rather than just “fill it” with processed foods, you will increase satiety and nutrient intake, which will lead to a natural decrease in less nutritious foods and calories. For the rest of the day, aim for an additional three smaller meals and you will be on track to better metabolism. Combine this with regular exercise, clean filtered water and a holistic lifestyle, and weight loss is a natural progression from here.

Another great tip to make your food more enjoyable is to add fresh herbs and spices, as they can often make an average meal delicious. A few of my favourites are sage, rosemary, ginger, lemongrass, mint and basil.

2. Regular exercise
The key to committing to regular exercise is to find something that you love to do and then schedule it into your week. It’s important to set this time aside for you. It might be a Zumba class, swimming, running yoga, surfing or tennis… whatever it is, just make sure you really enjoy it and think of it more as a fun activity rather than a chore.

3. Cut down your alcohol intake
Don’t worry, you don’t have to go cold turkey, there are plenty of ways to ensure you can still enjoy a drink while being mindful of your health. The type of alcohol you choose can be important, so it's worth trying to introduce an organic, sulphate free, or preservative free red wine.

Red wine has also been proven to be a healthier option than other alcohol options. This is due to the fermentation and production processes, and it also contains significantly more vitamins and polyphenols. The key component in red wine is resveratrol, which has been proven to support the health of the cardiovascular system, and decreases the risks for obesity and type 2 diabetes.

One other important factor is the amount of alcohol consumed. One glass per day has shown health benefits, but it’s important to have at least two consistent days completely alcohol-free per week, to give your body a break.


Emma has paired 3 of her recommended blends to match the top 3 resolutions made each year for a healthier lifestyle:
- Liver Cleanse, to support your liver through its alcohol detox.
- Metabolism tea, to help to stabilise blood sugar levels and kick start your metabolism.
- Vitality tea, for an energy boost before your morning run.

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