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Our Top Picks For Eco Christmas-ing & Zero Waste Stocking Stuffers

Our Top Picks For Eco Christmas-ing & Zero Waste Stocking Stuffers

As December rolls around the countdown to the crazy season is well and truly on.

I don't know about you, but it feels like now more than ever there is a real movement towards conscious gifting.

We have rounded up our top easy picks for those wanting to give more and waste less.  Bonus points for shopping online and not fighting the mall queues! Scroll down for our top 10 zero waste stocking stuffers!

Buy a Live Tree In A Pot -

First things first buy a real tree, nothing beats the smell and at least it's compostable. Better yet buy a tree in a pot that you can bring inside, enjoy and then plant in your yard to enjoy each year. This is a great way to get the kids involved as they watch their tree get bigger each year!

Ditch the Wrapping

Why Not make the wrapping part of the gift itself. The prettiest and most eco-friendly gift wrapper! Made with a lovely organic hemp/cotton fabric that will never go out of style, this Japanese Furoshiki is the perfect way to wrap a gift. You’ll even be able to use it afterwards as a dish rag since it is very light and dries quickly. It’s also great to carry your lunch around. Furoshiki is an ancient Japanese method to wrap with linen. We use it to wrap gifts, lunches or to transport small items.


Think Outside The Box

Think about gifting experiences, classes, quality time, gift cards, plants, consumables or beautiful versions of items they use every day.

We love our Yeseco Kitchen essentials kits they are a great way to upgrade your kitchen or a good chance to get people started on a zero waste journey.

Use it as a chance to try new things or upgrade useful items that your loved ones can enjoy all the time rather than novelty items that will only be used once.

Ditch the Junk!

Commit to Zero Waste Stocking stuffers and Ask your whole family to take part. Stocking stuffers are often throwaway novelty items and present the easiest opportunity for people to get started thinking about gifting more consciously.

You might be surprised how much your family enjoys getting involved.

10 Zero Waste Stocking Stuffers

  1. Pana Chocolate 
  2. Small potted plants
  3. Bamboo Toothbrush 
  4. Shampoo Bar
  5. Homemade Vouchers
  6. Patch Plasters 
  7. Wooden Clothes Pegs
  8. Herbs and Spices
  9. Cotton Shopping Bags 
  10. Wooden or Knitted toys

If you have any great ideas for getting a little more earth-friendly over the Xmas season we would love to hear them!

Love the Natural Things Team




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