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Hows your microbiome… are we missing a crucial piece of the puzzle? The Kréol Story

Hows your microbiome… are we missing a crucial piece of the puzzle? The Kréol Story

With all the research out now about the importance of building and supporting healthy gut,  kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut, and other fermented fare are flying off the shelves as we make an attempt to boost our microbiome.

Prebiotics, are you missing out on them?

It’s now becoming clear that it’s not enough just to replenish our microbiome with probiotics; what we add in to feed our already present good bacteria makes all the difference when it comes to our gut (and overall) health.

Prebiotic fibre is the foundation of a healthy gut.

Bad Bacteria love the junk in your diet but the good guys crave one thing: Prebiotic Fiber!

“Undigestible by the human gastrointestinal tract, prebiotic fibers are plant fibers that make their way undigested to the colon, where friendly microflora ferment them and use them as fuel. Like fertilizer for a garden, these "prebiotics" can stimulate the growth of organisms like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, probiotic species that are absolutely essential for your health.” (

In steps Kreol Sparkling, a prebiotic drink that you can include in your everyday routine making it easier than ever to get in the good stuff!

We Chat to founders Chloe and Andrew about the inspiration behind the brand

and a bit more about how they make something so healthy taste so good!

Chloe and Andrew tell us the Kréol Story,

Our story began when Andrew was on a surf trip back in 2006.

Spending his nights cramped up in a campervan, he came across a book wedged between two seats. When there were no waves to be surfed he found himself fascinated with this book, educating him on the benefits of a more holistic, alkaline diet.

It became evident to Andrew that there was a strong correlation between a well functioning balanced gut and a healthy mind.

Andrew owned cafes in Melbourne and he became increasingly frustrated with the minimal offering of healthy, low sugar beverages on the market. It was from there that his research and product development began and Kréol was born.

Partnering with his co-founder and sister in law Chloe Rush who has a strong back ground in marketing, they were able to bring the Kréol brand to life.

Kréol was derived from an age-old recipe known as Switchel, where the hero ingredient is apple cider vinegar. Switchel originated in the Caribbean back in the 1700s, long before there were sugar filled energy drinks and sports drinks. Kréol has successfully transformed this age-old recipe into a unique health drink!

The apple cider vinegar is bio-dynamically farmed on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Combined with our active ingredients, Kréol is a powerful drink, rich in prebiotics, electrolytes and vitamins containing the live mother culture and friendly bacteria to help alkalise the body and aid digestion.

So, prebiotics are what feed probiotics in your gut to keep us all healthy right? How do you add these in? Do I get as much goodness as my daily apple cider vinegar shot?

You are correct, prebiotics  are in the apple cider vinegar as a result of the pectin which exists in raw apple cider vinegar. Our ACV is not pasteurized or altered in any way so yes it is as good as taking a shot of pure ACV.   Prebiotic fibers act as a fertiliser for your existing probiotics found in your gut. Certain foods contain much high levels of prebiotic fibre. However, often these need to be consumed raw. Some good examples are chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, garlic, leeks, asparagus and even green bananas. Think of probiotics as PAC MAN and prebiotics as the dots!


These days with so many tonics around a lot of people were wondering if it was ok to drink it all up in one sitting (because let’s face it, it’s hard not to) or if it was designed to be sipped at over a couple of days?

It’s to be enjoyed in one sitting, as a healthy alternative to a sugary juice or soft drink.


We LOVE the new packaging and re brand and we spy a new ingredient; can you help us understand what the added chicory root does?

Prebiotic fibres are as important if not more so than probiotics. Chicory root is the highest prebiotic fibre natural food source that we know of.

More recently in trying to make our brand and product more technical and functional we have incorporated chicory root to boost the prebiotic content of our drink. We are yet to find any other sparkling drink on the market with the added benefit of chicory root.


How many bottles would you recommend someone drink to gain the benefits?

There is no limit as to how many you could safely consumer however one bottle contains 20ml+ of the raw ACV which is often recommended for any benefit. Kréol is a great way to have a unique functional beverage to incorporate into your balanced diet.


Could you tell us a bit more about your production process as we had a lot of people wanting to know more on this.

We produce our beverages in a micro brewery in Victoria.

Operating in a micro brewery allows us to easily work with fermented beverages as it is also small batch brewing we have a great level of control over our ingredients and quality of products.


Finally, where is the apple cider vinegar sourced and are we correct in saying that per bottle there is approx. 21mls included?    

Our ACV is locally sourced from Red Hill Victoria, It is a biodynamic apple orchard which is highly regarded. Our premium apple cider vinegar is the key componemt of our beverage. we will continue to use the most premium product available.

….And last but not least, we are so excited to head into summer with these, what are your favorite times and places to enjoy it!


“I drink it anytime of day, often on the road! Always carrying stock and will happily drink it warm or cold. But if someone is offering it on ice its hard to beat! My flavour preference depends on my mood and the crazy Melbourne weather." 



 “I love them all! but have a soft spot for the Mango, Lime, Turmeric. I drink anywhere from 1-3 a day. A great after lunch drink when you aren’t feeling 100 % satisfied and craving something sweet, it hits the spot. 

I love it cold, on ice and out of a wine glass at night. Its a great substitute!”



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