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I tried bone broth for two weeks: Here's what happened...

I tried bone broth for two weeks: Here's what happened...

What happens when a reluctant bone broth drinker turns into a convert..  guest post by the lovely Bella Askelund of

After posting a few rather bizzare snaps of a not-so-good looking mug of broth perched on my desk – I got an abundance of messages come through with a similar theme: ‘why the f*** are you drinking that?’. 

For those who haven’t heard of it, bone broth has recently re-emerged into the health scene labelled as an ancient superfood. It is loaded with minerals that support gut health and radiant skin, as well as antioxidants to radically improve mood and boost immune health (just to name a few). The benefits are endless and people from the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr have all sworn by this at some point in their careers.

I must admit, my stubborn attitude and strong resistance to drink anything with the name ‘bone’ and ‘broth’ – let alone the two put together, had me at a standstill. I actually got sent a freeze-dried version of the product last year to try, and it has been staring at me every time I open the pantry. So after doing a little research of my own – I took the plunge and made my first cup. And I am SO glad that I did.

Okay, so the taste definitely takes awhile to get use to. Remember as a kid having two-minute noodles drowned in that delectable salty noodle juice? Well this is what I try to envision as I drink my daily broth. Except the taste has sadly decreased by about 70%..

Don’t let that first mug throw you off though – I promise it get’s better, a whole lot better actually. I’m now at the point where I crave my daily mug of bone broth, and I truly never thought that was a possibility. Especially with this weather rapidly turning into winter, I have found my daily mug of broth to be the perfect alternative to reaching for a hot coffee. I even bring it to work with me to heat up when I hit that afternoon hump.

Heres what I found..

And after two weeks with regular bone broth intake, here are the benefits that I have personally witnessed and a few techy-terms behind how it works:

Gut Health: Something I hope to find the answer to one day – is why our generation are increasingly prone to leaky-gut syndrome. IBS has become a family recognised name and almost everybody you talk to has an issue with their digestion. This is where broth comes in. The gelatin in the broth actually helps seal up any holes in the intestine, which ultimately cures many of the side-effects of IBS. A huge YAY from me and my sensitive gut.

Boosts Immunity: Bone broth is packed with amino acids that have been proven to boost the immune system. The broth also has healing qualities which clear mucus and many effects of common colds that float around. Admittedly it’s only been two weeks – but my boyfriend has had a nasty cold that has lingered for about a month now, and touch wood; but I haven’t caught it.

Improves Hydration: When made with vegetables in the cooking process, bone broth has been shown to contain increased electrolytes and hydrate the body at a better rate than water. I’m a huge advocate for a generous water intake, so this stuck with me.

Promotes Muscle Growth: The amino acids in the broth also help to stimulate muscle protein synthesis whilst also decreasing inflammation in the body – making it a perfect addition to those who want to tone up and see a boost in their daily gym grind.

Youthful Skin: There’s a reason it’s been called ‘better than botox’. Another big one for me and i’m sure many of you reading this. Bone broth is incredible for skin. It contains an amazing dose of collagen per serve that work with the anti – inflammatory qualities in the broth to promote radiant skin, hair and nails. Think about how many products use this as their marketing point – but why use it topically when you can use it internally?

Improved sleep: The glycine in bone broth has been shown to help people sleep better as well as drastically shifting their overall mood. Something we all need as those uni and work schedules try to bring us down.

So to answer your questions...

– this is why I have been drinking bone broth once a day, and why I will continue to. As I can be a bit lazy at the best of times, I simply use Nutra Organics instant bone broth (the turmeric flavour) as it doesn’t alter the nutrients involved: you can purchase this here. But if you find the time – I do recommend making your own as you will be able to alter the taste to your preference. If you decide to do so, you can find a few cooking tips here.

Let me know if you decide to give it a go, I'd be super excited to hear how you find it.

With love,

Bella. X

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