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Why Junk-free cosmetics are so important for your health

Why Junk-free cosmetics are so important for your health

Originally published on the Luk Beautifood Blog, we love this rundown of why 100% pure cosmetics are so so important! We know it can seem daunting in the sea of whats available so we have taken the guesswork out for you and put in the hard word sourcing the best brands from around the world. 

We all want to present our most healthy, authentic selves every day and that starts with putting 100% pure ingredients in our saucepans – and on our skin.

A study on healthy eating trends around the world reveals around 75 percent of people now believe they “are what they eat” and almost 80 percent are actively using foods to forestall health issues and medical conditions.

At luk beautifood we understand that you want to look after your body and achieve optimal well-being by eating wholesome food and using safe, organic skincare products – so why not apply the same philosophy to your makeup?

In fact, it is the very reason I developed Lip Nourish lipsticks – to pack a nutritional punch using all-natural ingredients. I wanted to harness the benefits of healing foods, such as avocados, seeds and fruits.

These ‘superfoods’ contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatories are scientifically proven to calm skin issues naturally.

This is particularly important as science tells us skin is five to 10 times more absorbent on the face (and scalp) than most other areas of the body.

And consider this: research indicates the cumulative effects of individual (non-carcinogenic) chemicals you absorb could conspire to produce carcinogenic synergies.

So, by aiming for 100% pure cosmetics, packed with plant-based products, you will be ensuring your entire system remains free of potentially damaging poisons that could wreak havoc with your health.

Want totally clean makeup? Here’s how to pick it

It can be hugely time-consuming wading through beauty forums and websites to compare notes and pick the purest and most effective products.

Take a look at Etsy under the title ‘chemical-free’ and you will find more than 600 skincare and over 400 makeup offerings claiming to be full of non-toxic substances. But who can you trust?

To make it easy for you to find chemical-free makeup to complement your lipstick, I’ve done the research for you. Well actually, I did the research for me because I was looking for 100% pure cosmetics I could trust.

I use the 100% Pure brand of plant-pigmented makeup from America. It is one of the only makeup brands in the world colored from the antioxidant-rich pigments of fruits and vegetables.


When is a product 100% pure?

Look out for standard certifications under the names Cosmos (an international standard for organic and natural cosmetics), Organic Food Chain, Nature and NSF (US tick for all-natural products).

If you’re wondering which common skincare products don’t quite live up to their promise of being ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ you can find out here.

Many of the big international brands have started their own lines of ‘natural’ mineral makeups.  Do your homework to ensure every ingredient is free of harmful contaminants that could irritate skin or interfere with hormones.

Happily, help is at hand if you download the Think Dirty app which rates personal and beauty products 1-10, with 10 being the worst ranking.

Sensitive skin?

If you suffer from very sensitive skin then healthy makeup alternatives are even more important.

The health of our skin cells is directly influenced by what nutrients are available to them. So slathering on chemical-laden cosmetics and lotions is never a good idea.

If you are searching for a low maintenance, fresh-faced appearance that follows the ‘less is more’ philosophy, stick to makeup that avoids chemical preservatives that can inflame sensitive skin.

Real ingredients include Japanese honeysuckle, thyme, oregano, rosemary and lavender in a potent concentration of vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories that settle sensitive skin.


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