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Trail Mix Oat Slice

Trail Mix Oat Slice

Looking for an easy way to increase your veggie intake? Look no further than this delicious slice from Nutra Organics. They've used the winning flavour combo of honey and peanut butter, alongside their Super Greens + Reds to make this mouthwatering Trail Mix Oat Slice. Containing over 23 nourishing greens & reds, this slice is a perfect way to boost your families' immunity, gut wellbeing, energy levels and much more!


2 ½ cup oats
1 cup of smooth nut butter
⅔ cup honey
½ tsp The Wholefood Pantry Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt
⅓ cup Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
⅓ cup The Wholefood Pantry Organic Dairy Free Dark Choc Buttons ​​chopped
½ cup The Wholefood Pantry Almonds
1 ½ tbsp Nutra Organics Super Greens + Reds


1. Line tray with baking paper, cut an additional piece the same size and pop to it to the side.
2. Mix the peanut butter and honey together in a bowl. Add the Super Greens + Reds
3. Mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl until combined.
4. Combine the wet and dry ingredients together in a bowl (keep mixing even though it feels like it won’t combine)
5. Pour the mixture into the tray, spread it out evenly across the tray and use the spare piece of baking paper to press it down firmly.
6. Peel the baking paper off and pop the tray in the refrigerator overnight or for 2 hours minimum.

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