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A guide to collagen, how, when and why to take it and 6 ways it might benefit you!

A guide to collagen, how, when and why to take it and 6 ways it might benefit you!

Gelatine & collagen are nature's true superfood. Hailing from the Greek word kólla, meaning glue, collagen is one of the key building blocks of our body and the most abundant protein we are made up of! Collagen is naturally produced in us all, unfortunately, that production hits a downward trend come your 25th birthday.  By the time you hit 40 your body is losing collagen faster than it can be produced.

Step back in time and you’ll see our ancestors have known the benefits for years. Almost all the ancient civilisations have stocks, soups, and marrow as a base for so many comfort foods! Homemade Chicken soup for the soul anyone? Unfortunately, this is happening less and less.

Here’s the thing, we always believe that fresh is best and if you can get everything you need from your food then that is awesome (high five) but in this fast pace, low-fat convenience world we live in that’s not always easy.

Supplementing with collagen works by signalling your own body to think it's released to much, it then goes into hyperdrive to produce more giving you the benefits of a dose rival that of a spring chicken.It does this by strengthening the collagen matrix in your skin.

In case you think you can do without here is a wee list of places it’s found -   Skin, ligaments, gastrointestinal tract, cartilage, tendons, muscles, bone tissue, blood vessels, intervertebral discs , and even in the cornea of the eye.

Here is a list of ways it might benefit you from the 2017 hot topic ‘gut health’ to wrinkle and cellulite reduction, building strong bones and even getting better “zzz’s” this powerhouse is one you should start including in your diet daily.

Improving Digestion

You can eat the best diet in the world but if your digestive tract is out of whack those nutrients are not going to be available to your body to utilise!

Collagen helps to heal and soothe the digestive tract and repair mucous lining.

Additionally, Glycine actually improves absorption by increasing gastric or stomach acid allowing for better digestion.

Anyone who has experienced leaky gut syndrome or autoimmune disease may find collagen helpful, just check with your doctor first if you’re not 100% sure.

TIP: To help with digestion try a scoop to juice or coconut water on an empty stomach, doing so will help increase the protein absorption and aid in digestive healing

Glowing skin!

If you have ever woken up thinking I really hope I don’t wake up looking fresher or younger then this product isn’t for you.

Now we have nothing against ageing gracefully but if you wouldn’t mind a wee bit more elasticity, cohesion and better regeneration (think scarring or hair growth) then listen here.

Collagen is primarily comprised of the amino acids proline, glycine, alanine and hydroxyproline. Research shows these babies reduce the signs of ageing, help to promote skin regeneration, smoothness, reduce deep wrinkles and improve suppleness!

TIP: If your skin is in need of a real boost or your hair is feeling practically dry make sure you are having 2 scoops of collagen beauty daily, I like 1 in my morning smoothie bowl and one at night before you go to bed since collagen also aids in sleep but we will get to that later…..

Weight management

Having enough protein in your diet is extremely important for levelling blood sugar and keeping those 3pm cravings at bay!

If weight management is something you genuinely need or you just don’t want to reach for an extra afternoon snack then you may have found what you’re looking for.

Collagen Beauty is 98% protein, no sugar and no carbohydrates so all of the good stuff without adding extra calories!

It has been specially crafted with vitamin C, zinc and silica to increase collagen absorption and effectiveness.

TIP: Try adding it to a smoothie with some frozen cauliflower (trust me you can't taste it we promise)  instead of adding to much fruit, fruit provides an antioxidant powerhouse but too much of a good thing can cause a sugar spike that will leave you starving a few hours later. Try to incorporate a little bit of good fat, some clean protein and half a teaspoon of cocoa or acai for a flavour boost!

Bone health and joints

Glycine and proline two of the amino acids found in collagen body are known to aid in tissue repair, lower inflammation and provide relief from join pain. This can be likened to taking ibuprofen or cortisone!

Collagen Body with FORTIBONE® It is enzymatically hydrolysed for maximum absorption and rapid utilisation, specifically targeting the strength and integrity of essential structures, keeping our bones, muscles, joints and ligaments stronger, longer. The glycine in particular can help speed up the healing process and promote general recovery from injury or surgery even re grow bone. Is there anything this can’t do!

Recovery and  Athletic Performance 

In this fast paced life we all lead anything that can help save us time and energy is a winner in my books. The amino acids in collagen specifically help to repair tissue faster. Shorten recovery time and reduce the risk of injury in muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Arginine helps to increase your muscle mass by stimulating the growth hormone from the pituitary glad. Don’t worry you won’t turn into Arnold overnight think of it as your body’s little helper to just go that little bit harder next time you hit the gym.

TIP: Up the protein big time and add collagen to your post workout shake add a banana or another source of carbohydrate to help stimulate further muscle repair

Getting better “zzz’s”

Sleep is a whole topic on its own so we will just touch on the fact that Glycine (one of the amino acids in collagen, are you following now) is an immunonutrient that supports healthy inflammation response and assists your brains neurotransmitters to allows for better sleep quality. Taking collagen orally has been shown not only to aid in sleep quality but also reduce daytime sleepiness and increase alertness and memory during waking hours.

TIP: Try your daily does of collagen mixed into our Love Tea Sleep, vanilla chamomile  or calming tea an hour before bed to air relaxation and ensure you sleep more solidly.

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Take the challenge and try it for 6 weeks, let us know how you go and the benefits you feel! Find more info, recipes  when you shop the collagen range and download our e-book

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