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Clean Protein Nice Cream Sandwiches

Clean Protein Nice Cream Sandwiches

You can't beat creamy vanilla nice cream sandwiched between two soft and gooey choc chip cookies on a summer afternoon! Nutra Organics' Clean Protein Nice Cream Sandwiches are free from the refined sugars of your standard freezer treat, while bringing a dose of protein to help you meet your fitness goals.


200 g smooth peanut butter, melted
2 eggs, beaten
85 g buckwheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
30 g salted roasted peanuts, roughly chopped
2 frozen bananas
1/4 cup plant milk
100g Clean Protein Vanilla Cookie Dough
100g The Wholefood Pantry Dark Chocolate Buttons, roughly chopped



1. Preheat oven to 190ºC.
2. Combine melted peanut butter, coconut sugar, eggs, flour, 70g Clean Protein, baking powder and dark chocolate buttons in a bowl.
3. Mix until combined.
4. Place into biodegradable baking paper and form a 'log' shape, then roll up and place into the fridge for 30 minutes to firm up.
5. Cut into 8-10 pieces, form into rounds, top with chopped peanuts, place on a baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes, or until golden.
6. Allow cookies to cool completely before making sandwiches.
7. To make nice-cream, place frozen bananas into a blender with 30g of protein and 1/4 cup plant milk, blend until it forms a nice-cream texture (place into the freezer to firm up if needed). 
8. Scoop a tablespoon of nice-cream onto a cookie and top with another cookie to make a sandwich. Eat immediately!
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