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Which Wellness Tea is for me?

Which Wellness Tea is for me?


Winter is almost upon us, and while it’s the perfect season to snuggle up, get cosy and drink some tea, it’s also when people are focusing the most on preventing sicknesses, such as cold and flu.

At Love Tea, we’ve always placed a big focus on blends that are designed to support specific health conditions, and with these things in mind, we thought this month we’d get a better understanding of the Wellness range, developed by our naturopath Emma.

Once upon a time, herbs, teas and spices were the main forms of medicine.  Each herb was trialled and tested for its efficacy and individual healing properties, and the healing power of nature was acknowledged in this process.

Although orthodox medicine is essential to human health offering support which natural medicine cannot, natural medicine can be quite effective in the complimentary treatment or prevention of more chronic conditions and predispositions.

This is where herbal medicine can offer the greatest health benefits, and this is where our Wellness range comes in.

Our Wellness blends evolved from a desire to make natural herbs and spices more readily available and accessible to people.

Each ingredient is selected for its therapeutic benefits and traditional use in the treatment of certain conditions, or support of a specific system.

We believe in focusing on a 'prevention rather than cure' approach, and rather than providing treatment for a condition or a weakness once it is already well established in the body, we aim to offer support and promote healing, in order to lessen the severity of the condition.

This is achieved by combining the most appropriate ingredients, which offer specific therapeutic benefits, in order to achieve the desired outcome.

For example, if there is a predisposition to digestive concerns, our Digestive blend can offer health benefits and support specifically for the digestive system. If someone knows they have poor liver function, our Liver Cleanse can offer support to the hepatocytes (cells of the liver) and naturally offer support for this organ.

We believe that the best health outcomes will always come from a holistic approach to health. Drinking wellness teas which offer specific support is a wonderful place to start, and can often begin a journey towards other health conscious choices, including diet and lifestyle changes."


Immunity tea: Designed to strengthen and support healthy immune function, this blend helps to reduce the severity of the common cold or flu. This blend also offers support for the adrenal glands, which are often depleted by stress and fatigue.

Caffeine Free Chai:  This tea is the perfect warming treat to see you through winter. You can enjoy this blend with or without milk, with a dash of honey, or simply on its own. Full of nutrients from the Rooibos tea, coupled with a range of spices that offer support for the digestive system and promote healthy circulation, this blend is perfect for those cold mornings.

Lemongrass and Ginger: This tea is a comforting herbal blend, and is great for soothing sore throats. The ingredients are full of flavour, and this naturally caffeine-free blend can help support circulation and digestive function. You can also add fresh lemon to this herbal blend to increase your intake of vitamin C through the winter months.

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